What goes into a great brewery logo with StickerYou

Anyone who follows craft beer in Ontario, even casually, knows that the industry is thriving. That means new beer-making businesses are opening every month and they need to compete to capture beer drinkers’ attention.

A brewery’s logo is the MVP of its branding toolbox. We sat down with Andrew Witkin, CEO of StickerYou—the leading producer of all sorts of cool branding products—to find out what makes the truly great brewery logos stand out from the crowd.

A great brewery logo is one that captures the essence of the brewery’s brand. Before designing a logo, make sure to have a strong idea of what your brand is, and what values your business represents. This is where you’ll find the inspiration for your logo, for everything from image to fonts.

Where can logos take a brewery’s brand?

Many breweries, and many businesses, for that matter, place logos in obvious places—on glasses in a taproom, for example, or on outdoor signage. But there is no limit to the possibilities for logo placement, whether in-store or out.

Logos don’t have to remain in one physical location—think about how you might use them to spread out beyond the brewery itself, whether it’s bumper stickers or decals for cars, temporary tattoos for customers, or iron-ons and patches to create clothing to sell or give away as swag.

Can a brewery DIY its logo design?

If you’ve got design experience, it might not be necessary to hire an expert. But if you don’t, a designer can be a godsend. It can save time, and ultimately money, to have your logo done right by a professional. It doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive.

Some companies offer art design services for a reasonable fee that even small businesses can afford. At the end of the day, you want your logo to look as good as it can, as it is often your introduction to new customers and your advertisement to potential customers. That’s worth paying for.

And how long does it take?

The time it takes to create a logo is varied. It can take as little as a few days, to weeks or months. If you’ve got a clear idea of what your brand is and the values your company stands for before you start the logo, the process will be much faster.

The bottom line on logo design

For logos, it’s important that they’re clear and can easily accommodate different sizes and formats. One common mistake in logo design is to make it too busy, or too intricate, and the brand gets lost in the details.

Is a good logo forever? When do they need an update?

It’s difficult to give a shelf life to a brewery logo, as appropriate timing for a redesign or refresh really depends on how the business is going, and what developments have either happened or will happen in the near future. A refresh or redesign should mark an evolution of some kind so that the change in the logo reflects the changes in the brand or company as a whole.

A logo redesign or refresh can be a good idea when a business has grown substantially, or in preparation for a growth spurt, values shift or shift in the target market. It can also be a good idea to refresh the logo as a means of getting rid of inconsistent branding across platforms, which often happens when small businesses grow quickly, or if the logo design has been around long enough that it’s become noticeably dated.

As well as the eponymous stickers, StickerYou also specializes in everything from labels for beer bottles to temporary tattoos for customers to name-drop their favourite breweries to iron-ons or patches for their throw-back jean jackets.

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