Brew Donkey now has a brewery tour with a cannabis slant

By Jordan Duff

For those who have never had the pleasure to ride on the brewery visiting retro-fitted school bus, it is Ottawa’s very own Brew Donkey. The company that brings visitors and locals all over town to destinations like breweries, distilleries and coffee roasteries.

Now Brew Donkey is taking the high-road on their latest offering, by adding a cannabis facility to their itinerary. Their new tour, Rideau Valley High, will combine their usual stops with a visit and tour at Smith Falls’ Tweed facility.

While typical Brew Donkey tours include sampling, this stop will be focused on education. As always, guests will be able to sample products during the distillery and brewery portion of the tour, but there will be no sampling at the Tweed Visitor Center.

Company owner Brad Campeau explains, “The facility is the first of its kind in Canada, featuring an intimation session on the history of cannabis, terpene sensory bar where you get to smell the compounds in the atoms and flavor of cannabis, as well as an interactive diary that outlines the receptors that are affected by both THC and CBD. This is not yet even mentioning the Mother Room and Cultivation Ron’s that are visible from the Skyline viewing area.”

Adding a cannabis tour started as an April Fools joke but as federal policy changed, Brew Donkey decided to look at making the stop a reality. After a few bad puns were thrown around, the ironic Rideau Valley High was the winner.

This is the only stop of its kind currently. Should more licensed producers open in the area, they would be considered for tours as well, but Tweed offers something more, “[With our tours] there needs to be an experience and the thing Tweed was able to bring was a visitors center that was engaging and experiential.” says Campeau, “If there are other licensed producers that provide that type of option then yes, we’d adding consider them.”

For the latest experience from Ottawa’s most unique bus tour (with all due respect to the Lady Dive) check Brew Donkey for a wide pairing of brewery tours.

Photos: Lessard Images.

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