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Carry The Growler in your retail store

This May, the first issue of the Growler Ontario will be distributed across the province. The three options for finding a copy are: Newsstands, subscribe for direct delivery, or – best of all – brewery retail shops. I don’t know about you, but we’d rather hang out where they serve craft beer than next to the ice cream in the grocery store or with the bills in a mailbox.

The Growler makes a great souvenir for the tourist crowd that’s sure to hit your taproom this summer. And because we drop the sticker price by 60% for brewery sales ($2 vs. the usual $5), readers make it a point to visit for their seasonal beer mag fix.

There’s no minimum quantity and, if you like, we’ll throw in an attractive display stand. If you have a craft beer bar, homebrew supply shop, or just about any other retail business, we’d love to have you onboard as a retail partner. For more information and to place an order drop us a line at

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