The Spring issue of the Growler is out soon

The time between Groundhog Day and Victoria Day might be the least-examined part of the craft beer calendar. If you’re anything like us, you’re nearing your limit of imperial stouts and hopefully are making your way through our list of cold-weather session beers. But, this time of year is more than the back-washed dregs of winter: spring is coming. And so is our spring issue!

True to the season, our recipe is a bright, green vegetarian pasta dish from The Beer Lover’s Table by Claire Bullen with Jen Ferguson, published by Dog ‘n’ Bone Books.

Elsewhere in the issue, Crystal Luxmore takes us through how to be a more strategic beer shopper, Ben Johnson takes a crack at explaining why some craft beers cost so much, and Jordan St. John checks in on Canada’s largest homebrewing organization.

For Brewer vs. Brewer, we have an all-Hamilton of Brad Clifford and Aaron Spinney give us the latest on what’s up at their breweries.

One change to note for this issue is that production and printing costs have forced us to trim the brewery directory. Every craft brewery is still listed, with icons details their important characteristics, but beer recommendations and the news blurb are only printed for our marketing partners.

You’ll find the new issue—number eight for us in Ontario—in brewery taprooms by the middle of February. Subscribers should get their copies soon after that and it will start appearing on newsstands by the end of the month. Hop over to our online store and place your subscription order now!

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