Drink This: Sober Carpenter’s Toolbox of Non-Alcoholic Beers

Sober Carpenter’s pub classic Irish Red Ale features East Kent Goldings and Fuggle hops. Supplied photo

In the last couple of decades, craft beer has come on in leaps and bounds. Craft beer represents a vibrant, expressive range of products that’s defined almost as much by novelty as it is by bold, punchy flavours. Despite its popularity, there are still moments in your life when a full strength beer might be inappropriate. 

For years, this meant compromise. The non-alcoholic sector was defined by giant European imports, mass market brands you didn’t like when they were full strength, and, worst of all, grocery store house brand non-alcoholic beer relegated to a bottom shelf to gather dust. 

Sober Carpenter is here to help.

Started by two brothers who loved craft beer enough to start brewing at home, Sober Carpenter is the result of their decision to change their consumption along with their changing lifestyles. With families of their own, full strength beer isn’t always an option. 

Because of their craft background, Sober Carpenter’s four core brands represent some of the genre’s most popular styles. Just like your favourite craft brewery, Sober Carpenter’s labelling is transparent, telling you exactly what goes into what you’re drinking.

Sober Carpenter has four beers in its current lineup. Supplied photo

The Irish Red Ale features East Kent Goldings and Fuggle hops, making it a classic representation of that pub classic. The White features Hallertau Mittelfruh, Orange Peel, and Coriander just like your favourite Belgian specialty. Most importantly? Their IPA is hazy and features a modern blend of hop varieties that you’d find in some of the market’s most popular full strength IPAs: Citra, Simcoe, and Cascade.

Whether you’re looking to cut down on your alcohol consumption, or just the number of beer calories you’re consuming, Sober Carpenter can be part of your blueprint for a healthier lifestyle. At around 60 calories a can, Sober Carpenter is a third to a quarter as caloric as an equivalent full strength beer, and at less than 0.5% alcohol, it doesn’t sacrifice flavour.

While all of the flavours are available through their website, and a number of grocery locations, the IPA, White, and Irish Red are available at Beer Stores across Ontario, with a significant discount for volume purchases. 

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