Here are the results of the 2021 Ontario Brewing Awards

The winners of the 2021 Ontario Brewing Awards (OBAs) were announced this on December 9 with an online event hosted by Growler Ontario editor Jordan St. John and Growler Ontario contributor Robin LeBlanc.

The OBAs are open to entries all independent Ontario breweries, with the beers evaluated in 34 categories by a panel of BJCP-certified judges.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Standard American Beer

Gold – Manantler Craft Brewing Co. // Fifth Wheel Lager
Silver – Railway City Brewing Co. // Crew Premium Lager
Bronze – Broken Stick Brewing Company // Happy To Be Here
Honourable Mention – Kingsville Brewery // Light Eh! Lager


International Lager

Gold – Woodhouse Brewing Co. // Woodhouse Lager Beer
Silver – Cowbell Brewing Co. // Shindig
Bronze – Common Good Beer Company // Ronin Japanese Rice Lager


Czech Lager

Gold – Collective Arts Brewing – Collective Arts Toronto // Telltale Signs
Silver – Kensington Brewing Company // Normal Beer
Bronze – Flora Hall Brewing // Bohemian Style Pilsner


Pale Malty European Lager

Gold – Oranje Son Brewing // Chemistry
Silver – William Street Beer Co. // Farmstand Lager
Bronze – Stockyards Brewing // Festbier
Honourable Mention – The Grove Brew House // 1933 Oktoberfest Lager


Pale Bitter European Beer

Gold – Trestle Brewing Company // Arrow Pilsner
Silver – Lake Of Bays Brewing Co. // Aerial View Lagered Ale
Bronze – Rouge River Brewing Company // Ridges Pilsner


Amber Malty European Lager

Gold – Cameron’s Brewing Company // Beste Bock
Silver – Royal City Brewing Co. // Oktoberfest
Bronze – The Collingwood Brewery // Freestyle Oktoberfestbier
Honourable Mention – Trestle Brewing Company // Rust Never Sleeps


Amber Bitter European Beer

Gold – Walkerville Brewery // Honest Lager
Silver – Amsterdam Brewing Company // Sticke Alt
Bronze – Northern Maverick Brewing Co. // Handcrafted Lager


Dark European Lager

Gold – Quayle’s Brewery // Silver Lining
Silver – Woodhouse Brewing Co. // Black Lager Beer
Bronze – Muddy York Brewing Co. // Black Opal Schwarzbier 


German Wheat Beer

Gold – Kingsville Brewery // Hefeweizen
Silver – Muddy York Brewing Co. // Haberdasher Hefeweizen
Bronze – Foundry Brewing // Beautiful Aurelia


British Bitter

Gold – Cowbell Brewing Co. // Absent Landlord
Silver – Muddy York Brewing Co. // Major Small Best Bitter
Bronze – Couchiching Craft Brewing Co. // Atherley Pale Ale


Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gold – Boshkung Brewing Co. // Kungaroo
Silver – Waterloo Brewing Ltd. // Waterloo IPA
Bronze – Longslice Brewery // Hopsta La Vista IPA


Brown British Beer

Gold – Black Gold Brewery Ltd. // What the Frack
Silver – Clifford Brewing Co. // Clifford Porter
Bronze – Overflow Brewing Company // Final Bow


Scottish Ale

Gold – Walkerville Brewery // Rob Roy Scotch Ale
(No Silver or Bronze awarded)


Irish Beer

Gold – Longslice Brewery // The Haunting of Gibraltar Red Ale
Silver – Kensington Brewing Company // It’s a Stout
Bronze – Longslice Brewery // Slickback Stout


Dark British Beer

Gold – Storm Stayed Brewing Company // Safe Harbour
Silver – Wellington Brewery // Chocolate Milk Stout
Bronze – Muddy York Brewing Co. // Stork Derby Stout


Strong British Ale

Gold – Granite Brewery and Restaurant // Peculiar
Silver – Granite Brewery and Restaurant // Gin Lane Ale
Bronze – Sons of Kent Brewing Co. // Scotch Ale


Pale American Ale

Gold – Nickel Brook Brewing Co. // Naughty Neighbour
Silver – Dragan Brewing and Wine Company // Garnet
Bronze – Couchiching Craft Brewing Co. // Sunshine City Blonde Ale
Honourable Mention – The George Brewing Co. // Water Street


Amber and Brown American Beer

Gold – Cowbell Brewing Co. // Bobcat
Silver – Cameron’s Brewing Company // Ambear Red Ale
Bronze – Charlotteville Brewing Company // Wedgie Delight


American Porter and Stout

Gold – Muskoka Brewery // Winter Beard
Silver – Amsterdam Brewing Company // Stenhouse
Bronze – Walkerville Brewery // Kremlin Russian Imperial Stout



Gold – Royal City Brewing Co. // Exhibition Session IPA
Silver – Cowbell Brewing Co. // Boxing Bruin
Bronze – Overflow Brewing Company // Fair Warning


Strong American Ale

Gold – Four Fathers Brewing Co. // Extra Poppable Penguin Party Balloons
Silver – Gateway City Brewery // North Summit
Bronze – Stockyards Brewing // Missed Calls


European Sour Ale

Gold – Spark Beer // Manhire
Silver – Black Gold Brewery Ltd. // Berliner Style Weisse
Bronze – Publican House Brewery // Yuzu Sour


Belgian Ale

Gold – Clifford Brewing Co. // Obscured By Clouds (collaboration with Muddy York Brewing Co.)
Silver – Shacklands Brewing Co. // Wit Saison
Bronze – Spearhead Brewing Company // Queen of Wheat


Strong Belgian Ale

Gold – Meuse Brewing Company // Saison de la Meuse
Silver – Royal City Brewing Co. // Borrowed Time
Bronze – Spark Beer // Amiable


Trappist Ale

Gold – Shacklands Brewing Co. // Tripel
Silver – Shacklands Brewing Co. // Dubbel
Bronze – Meuse Brewing Company // 8


Historical Beer

(No Gold)
Silver – Full Beard Brewing Co. Inc. // Bearded Prospector
(No Bronze)


American Wild Ale

Gold – Collective Arts Brewing // Jam Up the Mash
Silver – Flora Hall Brewing // Barrel-Aged Collection: Sour with Apricot
Bronze – Nickel Brook Brewing Co. // Zap! Pink Lemonade Sour
Honourable Mention – Little Beasts Brewing Company // Chicken


Fruit Beer

Gold – Quayle’s Brewery // Cabin Fever – Lemon Raspberry
Silver – Storm Stayed Brewing Company // Shook
Bronze – Shillow Beer Co. // Blueberry Grunt


Spiced Beer

Gold – Clifford Brewing Co. // Spider Palace
Silver – Overflow Brewing Company // Rise and Shine
Bronze – United Craft // “Tomorrow Brew Co. – Double Up Coffee Milk Stout”


Alternative Fermentables Beer

Gold – Gateway City Brewery // 137
Silver – Gateway City Brewery // Alligator Woodchuck
Bronze – Gateway City Brewery // 503


Smoked Beer

(No Gold)
Silver – Little Beasts Brewing Company // Ladybug
Bronze – Boshkung Brewing Co. // Campfire Rye


Wood Beer

Gold – Amsterdam Brewing Company // Double Tempest
Silver – Nickel Brook Brewing Co. // Kentucky Bastard
Bronze – Amsterdam Brewing Company // Hunter’s Moon
Honourable Mention – Little Beasts Brewing Company // Odin


Specialty Beer

Gold – Shacklands Brewing Co. // Obscure Monk
Silver – Ridge Rock Brewing Company // KOPER
Bronze – Boshkung Brewing Co. // A Quaker’s Breakfast


New England IPA

Gold – Signal Brewery // Wave
Silver – Flora Hall Brewing // North East IPA
Bronze – Wishbone Brewing Company // Carries Away
Honourable Mention – Ridge Rock Brewing Company // Guardian DDHIPA


Catharina Sour

Gold – Shacklands Brewing Co. // Razzle Blazzle
Silver – The Collingwood Brewery // Freestyle Key Lime Sour
Bronze – Wishbone Brewing Company // Jam Band Blackberry


Low Alcohol Beer

(No medals)
Honourable Mention – Lake of Bays Brewing Co. // Low Tide


Best of Show

Amsterdam Brewing Company // Double Tempest

Congratulations to all the winners!

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