Beer to the ground: Ontario’s new brewery news, Fall 2022 edition

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This spring and summer saw the addition of both the long-awaited Great Lakes Brewpub and a physical location for True History Brewing, long a contract brand, to Toronto’s brewing scene. We’ve got new breweries from Windsor to Wawa and a few locations that have changed hands, changed names, and stayed in the same location. 

All My Friends Beer

Bloomfield (summer 2022) Located just over a stone’s throw away from PEC darling Matron Brewing Company, All My Friends is an additional worthy stop for those of you planning a trip to the county. The taproom is RV friendly, dog friendly, family friendly, and the staff is, you guessed it, personable. Try the squash burrito alongside Candy, their NEIPA.

Banter and Company Brewing

Brooklin (spring 2022) While Banter and Co. launched with a fairly traditional list of beer options, their selection is getting bolder as they develop their tenure. Although they have a shareable charcuterie option on the menu, you are allowed to bring your own food, allowing you all the rich options of North Durham county.

The Cornerhouse on Main

Stouffville (winter 2022) Not shy about their place in the world, the website for the Cornerhouse proclaims it to be the best restaurant in Stouffville. The beers are technically under the Cock-A-Hoop brand, which has been developed by brewer Andrew McReady. Try the Arctic Shrimp Cake with the Kellerbier. You’ll be over the moon about Cock-A-Hoop.

Focal Brewing Company

Hastings (summer 2022) Focal’s focus is founded on fidelity to the ingredients grown in Ontario, because focal is local and comparatively vocal about it. Cousins Matt and Brandon Bickle would love you to try their Welcome to Ontario Pale Ale, and have even managed to get in their own Oktoberfest celebrations their first year in business!

Fogorig Brewing Company

Campbellford (summer 2022) A farm brewery located in the Trent Hills with a heritage masonry building from 1834, one of Fogorig’s main strengths is the beauty of the rolling landscape surrounding it. That, and the comfortable patio, live music, rotating food offerings and delicious beer … Ok, so they have a lot of strengths.

Great Lakes Brewpub

Toronto (summer 2022) You know them. You love them. You drink Canuck because it’s excellent and affordable. You don’t want to slog out to Etobicoke? Well, Great Lakes is now downtown. And they have Detroit style Okonomiyaki pizza to go with their brewpub one off beers. The great taste of Michigan and Osaka, together at last.

Kick & Push Brewing 

Sharbot Lake (summer 2022) Driving along the Trans Canada and looking to wet your whistle? Well, Sharbot Lake’s newest brewery is just the place. Kick & Push, named after a now defunct railway has their English Ale, Relax Alice, on tap at the Sharbot Lake Hotel. A fine place to spend the night if you’re overserved.

Point Brewing Company 

Point Edward (summer 2022) Point Brewing has something for everyone at their newly opened taproom. Whether you’re looking for a straight ahead lager or something in a Creamsicle Ale, you’re going to be able to pair it with roller dogs from Schinkel’s Legacy in Chatham. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, why not try their beer cocktail, Sunset At The Cove!

Smokie Ridge Brewing 

Mountain (summer 2022) It takes a lot of beer to make great wine, and it takes some freakin’ chutzpah for a winery to start making beer. Although Smokie Ridge has specialized in the oenophilic world, the decision to branch out into grain based beverages has clearly not been made lightly. With vintages from 2010 to 2016 available online, it’s clear they sell no wine before its time.

Steadfast Brewing Company 

Toronto (summer 2022) The fourth brewery to occupy the space at 301 Lansdowne in the last eight years, Steadfast is certainly courageous. Featuring General Assembly pizzas, the early highlight of their beer menu is their Aji Hot Pepper IPA. That said, there’s something for everyone, including Revel cider on tap.

Tilted Glass Brewing Company

Bowmanville (summer 2022) The second brewery at this location, Tilted Glass fulfills a role as something of a local clubhouse with weekly trivia, euchre tournaments, and local live music to complement the selection of beers being produced on site. Why not try their Sour Pitch Kids or a Cherry Tingly?

True History Brewing

Toronto (summer 2022) Located on St. Clair West’s Corso Italia, True History’s motto is brewing low and slow. There’s some observation of tradition. Lager comes in half litres, and IPA doesn’t. The food menu features many nods to the Portugese influence in the neighbourhood, including Tiborna Bacalhau and Piri Piri Chicken.

The Grist Craft Kitchen and Brewery

St. Davids (fall 2021) With a significant focus on the kitchen (including a muffuletta sandwich and a tantalizing selection of pizzas), The Grist’s beer selection has something for everyone from a London Fog style White Stout to a Red Cream Ale. You will want to check their hours before you go as they’re closed a couple of days a week for brewing.

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