Style Snapshot: A guide to the punchy, aromatic NEIPA

Dominion City Brewing Co’s Sunsplit DDH Mosaic IPA. Supplied photo


An offshoot of top fermenting American IPA styles, typically using new world hops for big, vibrant aromas by focusing on cold side additions to create biotransformation and extract essential oils.


Hazy at night, hazy the next morning.




ABV: 6.0-9.0%
IBU: 25-60 (trending lower)
Colour: Straw to light orange
Body: Medium full to full
Bubbles: A little calmer than regular draft


John Kimmich was working in his lab at Alchemist in Vermont late one night, and managed to create Heady Topper, the original example of the style. He aimed for massive dry hopping to impart aromas of citrus and tropical fruit, which are held aloft by minimally characterful base grains and supported by additionally fruity yeast esters from English derived strains. It’s so hazy, you’re meant to drink from the can. 


• Thai Mango Salad
• Hawaiian pizza
• Jerk chicken

Hey, is there fruit in this?

NEIPAs rely heavily on the essential oil Myrcene which is prevalent in high alpha acid new world hop varieties. Myrcene breaks down into the same chemicals that are in some of your favourite citrus, stone, and tropical fruits. It has become dogma amongst brewers not to filter their NEIPA. After all, the quality of Myrcene is not strained. 

Six Must-Try Ontario NEIPAs

Sunsplit, Dominion City Brewing Co.  

Aromatherapy, Beyond the Pale Brewing Co.

Life in the Clouds, Collective Arts Brewing

Haze Mama, Great Lakes Brewery

Truth Serum, Rorschach Brewing Co. 

From Beyond, Rainhard Brewing Co. 

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