News and Notes: February 23, 2024

Muddy York Brewing is moving their operations to Stouffville. photo

Can you feel that warmth, Ontario? That’s called sunshine! It represents that it will soon be spring and that patios are within the bounds of possibility in the near future. Of course, there’s no such thing as non-patio weather, just inappropriate clothing. I think Sir Edmund Hillary said that on his way down the mountain. 


As of February 17th, Toronto’s Muddy York Brewing has closed down their Cranfield location in East York, after a farewell party on February 3rd and a tearful session at the brewery taproom on the afternoon of their final day. While the brewery will continue to produce beer through a third party during their move to their new location in Stouffville, the selection through the LCBO will be temporarily reduced to the core brands. 

Louis Cifer Brew Works, the Danforth based Toronto brewpub, has announced that its closure will take place at the end of March. Their best known beer was a Thai accented Pale Ale featuring coconut and lemongrass. Although Louis Cifer was both a popular location for families due to its spacious seating area, and a stepping stone for brewers beginning their career, it had  laterally become known for political controversy rather than the beer on tap, generally a bad sign. The closure marks the end of a ten year run. 

Upcoming Events

February 23

Bruze Launch @ Mascot Brewing Etobicoke 6:00-9:00
A collaboration between Canada’s only Black-owned Brewery and Winery to celebrate Black History Month. Cool. 

February 24

Winter Warmup 2024 Beer and Cask Festival @ Henderson Brewing 11:00-5:00
Remember cask? It’s back! In winter!

February 25

Maisy’s Pearl Oyster Purveyors @ Barrel Heart Brewing
A six course tasting dinner with Ontario’s most soignee beer? You had me at charcoal roasted barramundi! 

March 1

Beerhurst @ Deerhurst 
The best rhyming beer festival since … ever. 

March 2

Beerhurst @ Deerhurst 
The best rhyming beer festival since … ever. 

Stout Fest @ Prince Eddy’s
You like Picton, don’t you, Stout drinker? A great chance to see all PEC’s breweries. Free admission.

March 4

Brewer’s Dinner @ Beer Bistro Toronto
Hosted by your favorite editor! This me! With Indie Alehouse, Sawdust City, Steam Whistle and Tooth and Nail! See if Matt Tweedy can still bus his station!

Jordan St. John recommends Flux Brewing’s Rose Tattoo Pub Ale. Flux Brewing photo

The Six Pack

Flux Rose Tattoo Pub Ale
I’m a simple man from an earlier era when beer had crystal malt and we weren’t ashamed of the great taste of toffee and dried fruit. A time when expatriate English people roamed the countryside in search of a proper pint. This is a throwback to that era at a very reasonable price. 

Block 3 Melange A Trois IPA
Three is a magic number. Yes it is. Especially when it comes to blending hops together. In this case, the folks at Block 3 have chosen Galaxy, Nectaron, and Nelson Sauvin for that Antipodean Alpha Acid that will rock you harder than INXS. 

Great Lakes PDA Witbier w/ Hibiscus, Raspberries, and Strawberries
I had this last week with Mike Lackey from Great Lakes and he quizzed me on the ingredients. Fortunately, I got them all right or I would have had to turn in my beer guy card. If you ever wanted a beer that was completely red, this is the delicious beverage for you. 

Wellington Iron Duke English Strong Ale
Picture it! 1986! The people of Ontario are about to be beset by a 6.5% English Strong Ale! If you want to see the real deal from back in the day, this is it. Mid range malt character in abundance and a bracing bitterness beneath. Bloody good.

Gateway City Trout Lake Monster
Gateway City are perennially underrated and the brew team is very creative. In this case, you’ve got a light lager with Pacifica, Eclipse, and Azacca. Also, the label features a cryptid with the head and torso of a sasquatch and the lower half of a fish. Pikesquatch? Bigtail? Something. 

Fairweather Danger Pay IPA
It’s a Pineapple IPA with Coconut, Oolong Tea, Motueka, Sabro, and El Dorado. Listen, you might not get a tropical vacation this March break, but Ram McAllister’s got you covered on that front. You’re a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic away from a perfect beach day, Junior Rangers. 

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