Beer Gimmicks and Pretentious Nonsense

By Rebecca Whyman Recently, gruits—that ancient, hopless beer style flavoured with herbs that seems to be all the rage right now—got me thinking about the elusive line that divides fads, trends, and gimmicks from creative innovations and emerging styles. How […]

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The Growler 10 Autumn 2018 Edition

In every issue of the Growler we pick 10 stand-out beers. Sometimes they’re cutting-edge and innovative; others they are the day-in-day-out favourites that have shown steady excellence over the years. Either way, they get a special “Growler approved” badge to […]

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Welcome to the Growler, Ontario

After four years in B.C., the Growler is launching a sister publication in Ontario.

Isn’t spring wonderful? Birds chirping, trees budding, snow melting – new beer magazines launching. That’s right, Ontario, the Growler, B.C.’s ultimate craft beer guide, is setting up shop here in the land of butter tarts and winning hockey teams. We’re […]

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