In the Bock or Out on Pale: A Growler guide to (probably) original beer names

Filtered through the Bavarian accent, beers from Einbeck sounded more like “ein bock” or “a billy goat.”

Through bad luck and misadventure, a few craft breweries have landed in hot water this year. Their mistake? Using a beer name that was already taken. So, we’re lending a hand by reviving the ancient Growler tradition of coming up with top-notch brew labels. This time, we put our thinking-slash-jester caps on to ponder German-style bock and the ever-popular pale ale.


New Kids on the Bock
Rock Around the Bock
John Han-bock
Yackity Yack, Don’t Bock Back
It’s Beer O’Bock Somewhere
Bock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Taking Bock of My Life
Peter Bock as Columbo
Igneous Bock
Bock, Paper, Scissors
Fraggle Bock
The King of Bock ‘n’ Roll
Bock-eye Pierce
Bock with Yan
Stephen Lea-bock
Toma-bock Chop
Born Out of Wed-bock
Publicly Traded Bock
Mama Always Said Life is Like a Bock of Chocolates
I’ll be Bock
Sher-bock Holmes
Johan Sebastian Bock
Holy Hand Grenade of Anti-bock
The Soviet Bock
Electrobock Therapy

Pale ale

You’ve Got Pale Ale
Oregon Pale
Monty Python and the Holy Pale
Ride the Pales
Pale Order Catalogue
Florence Nightingpale
When All You Have is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Pale
I Didn’t In-pale it
Just an Old Wives’ Pale
That’s 92 on the Fahrenheit Pale
Economies of Pale
Cheque’s in the Pale
Mop and Pale
Bridal Pale
Pale Him to the Cross
This Map is Not to Pale
Finger on the Pale
The Pale-man Always Rings Twice
A Little Re-pale Therapy

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