5 Seasonal sippers to drink now

Counterpoint Brewing photo

Counterpoint Brewing // Opus Three Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Amber Ale, 5.5%

The latest in Counterpoint’s barrel series has a lot going on as a kveik fermented amber ale with Brett, aged in pinot noir barrels. Expect notes of chocolate, dark cherry and plum with a delightfully tart finish.

Dominion City Brewing photo

Dominion City Brewing // Small Imperial Stout, 10%

With the weather getting colder nothing beats the warmth of an imperial stout. Brewed with pistachios, Hispaniola & Peruvian cacao nibs, and Madagascar vanilla beans to create a chocolatey, sweet and somewhat earthy experience that warms you like a hug.

Grain & Grit photo

Grain & Grit Beer // Good Neighbour Pale Ale, 5%

As neighbours we all have to look out for each other, and Good Neighbour, brewed as part of the Isolation Nation collaboration to help breweries through the pandemic, is a good way to do it. Aromas of honeydew melon, strawberry and lemon lead to a dry finish.

Merit Brewing photo

MERIT Brewing // Ta Da! Merlot Flour Sour, 6.1%

A unique and complex offering brewed with merlot flour, local cherries and plums, cocoa nibs and vanilla that swirl around the palate in a creamy, tart and slightly sweet dance.

Wellington Brewing photo

Wellington Brewery // Nothing Civil IPA, 6.5%

A protest in a can. —100% of profits go to Black Lives Matter Canada. Notes of pineapple, lemon and passionfruit lead the way with a slight peppercorn bite.

Read about what these breweries are doing to promote social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

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