You must drink this: Hard seltzers & sodas

Try these Growler-recommended hard sodas and seltzers the next time you want to change it up from beer.

Hard Sodas:

Great Lakes Brewing photo

• Great Lakes Spirits // Gin Soda with Key Lime

• Muskoka Spirits // Peach & Blackcurrant Hard Sparkling Water

• Collective Arts Brewing // Elderflower and Yuzu Gin Soda

Indie Ale House’s Royal Fizz Seltzer cans. Photo courtesy of Indie Ale House

Hard Seltzers:

• Clifford Brewing Co. // Clifford’s Hard Seltzer Cherry

• Rouge River Brewing Company // Apricot Hard Seltzer

• Indie Ale House // Royal Fizz Italian Bitter Orange Seltzer

• Refined Fool Brewing Co. // Brunch Vibes

• Godspeed Brewery // Hard Seltzer with Green Tea and Japanese Citrus

• Left Field Brewery // .300 Lemon-Lime Seltzer

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