Four juicy IPAs to drink this summer

Muskoka Brewery’s Hazed and Confused Juicy IPA is bursting with fruity hop aroma, followed by a juicy citrus kick. Supplied photo

The trend in IPA is to capture big punchy, fruity aromas. Not just aromatic, not just dry-hopped, but juicy. The Juicy IPA is a showcase for new school hop varieties from all over the world that express fruit character as part of the breakdown of the hop’s essential oils.

Rather than aiming for bitterness, this emerging sub-style is defined by massive aroma and a sweetly smooth, practically unctuous body that is the result of the addition of oats and wheat. These grains not only create a velvety texture and a hazy appearance in the glass, but help create a head retentive matrix that aids in prolonging the presence of hop oil volatiles as aroma. Long story short? If you want to show off the hops, you need the grain as well. 

Let’s look at some widely available varieties for your weekend. After all, you can’t catch those rays without that haze. 

Muskoka Hazed and Confused

Widely available at grocery and the LCBO across Ontario, Hazed and Confused reimagines brewery flagship Mad Tom for the 20s. Featuring Mandarina Bavaria and Amarillo which both kick in tangerine and clementine citrus character, the aroma is complemented by a firm yet gentle 52 IBU’s. It’s a tall frosty glass of OJ and no mistake.

Sawdust City Everyday Magic Hazy IPA

Do you believe in Magic? Brewmaster Sam Corbeil believes in the magic of dinkle spelt, which helps elevate the Cashmere, Idaho 7, and Sabro hops in this tropical accented Juicy IPA. With notes of melon, peach, mango, pineapple, coconut and black tea, Everyday Magic is like the adult Arnold Palmer you never knew you wanted in your life. 

Anderson Juicy IPA

Sprechen sie “juicy”? Anderson does. Their Juicy IPA steers clear of the tropics and focuses on the ingredients in the fruit salad sitting right there on your picnic table. With notes of orange, berry, melon, peach, vanilla and grape derived from Citra, El Dorado, and Lotus, you’re going to want to tuck into this one with a spoon. 

Beyond The Pale Yummy North East Pale Ale

Is it juicy? Listen, bud: It may as well have been bitten by a radioactive hop. Lower in alcohol than some of the entries on this list, Yummy derives a bright lemon zest and minerality from New Zealand’s Southern Cross hop in addition to notes of gooseberry from Citra and pineapple from Mosaic. It’s a treat for your tastebuds straight out of the Antipodes. 

Muskoka Brewery
1964 Muskoka Beach Road, Bracebridge

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