The spring/summer 2023 issue of The Growler is out now and here’s where you can find it!

With winter coming to an end, your ability to get out into the world and visit breweries is about to dramatically increase. That’s why we’re glad that you’ve picked up a copy of The Growler, so that you can find a brewery that you haven’t been to yet and plan a road trip. Whether you’re headed to Parry Sound, Paris, Peterborough, or Petrolia, you’re going to find some pretty great beer to drink and a bunch of nice folks to drink it with. 

This issue we’ve got David talking about getting non-beer drinkers to try beer, just in case you’re looking to convert your friends. We’ve got Santiago explaining the science behind the LUKR side pull tap that’s becoming more popular in breweries and bars across the province. We’ve got a double shot of Max, who’s been a very busy boy, traveling to B.C. and talking about the return of Dieu Du Ciel’s classic Péché Mortel.

As a one shot deal, we’ve replaced Brewer vs. Brewer with Brewer vs. Nature to highlight the rebuilding of The Second Wedge in Uxbridge. They’re launching their rebuilt facility on the May 24 weekend, and that’s going to be the party of the summer. 

So get out there and explore the province. Me? I’m going to go lie down. Editing really takes it out of you. —Jordan St. John, editor 

Get your copy of The Growler today!

The Spring/Summer 2023 issue of The Growler is out now! You can buy single issues or subscribe here, or find Ontario’s only craft beer guide at these local breweries across the province:

7/62 Brew
Barnstormer Brewing
Beau’s Brewing
Black Gold Brewery
Black Lab Brewing
Blood Bros
Brothers Brewing Company
Brew Donkey Tours
Brimstone Brewing Co.
Broken Rail Brewing
Broken Stick
Cameron’s Brewing
Caps Off Brewing Co.
Cassel – Microbrasserie Cassel Brewery
Chapter Two Brewing
Charlotteville Brewing Company
Clifford Brewing
Common Good Brewing
Compass Brewing
Counterpoint Brewing Co
Cowbell Brewing
Dominion City
Fairweather Brewing Co.
Fenelon Falls Brewing
Flora Hall
Flux Brewing Company
Furnace Room Brewery
Gateway City
Godspeed Brewery
Goose Island
Great Lakes
Granite Brewery and Tied House
Jack Ass Brewing
Lagershed (Shawn & Ed)
Lake of Bays
Lake of the Woods
Left Field Brewery
Longslice Brewery
Mackinnon Brothers
Manitoulin Brewing
Market Brewing
Meuse Brewing Company
Muskoka Brewing
Natterjack Brewing Co.
Nickel Brook Brewing Co
Orange Snail Brewing
The Paris Beer Co
Railway City
Red Barn Brewing Company
Sawdust City Brewing Co.
Second Wedge Brewing Co.
Shacklands Brewing Co
Shillow Brewing
Side Launch Brewing
Sleeping Giant Brewing
Sons of Kent
Spark Beer
Split Rail Brewing Co.
Stonehooker Brewing Co.
Three Sheets Brewing
Tilted Glass Brewing Co.
Together We’re Bitter
Town Brewery
Upper Thames Brewing
Wellington Brewery
The Wheeled Brew

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