Beer to the Ground: Ontario’s new brewery news, Spring 2024 edition

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The fall and winter of 2024 has proved to be a challenging time for breweries in the province of Ontario. With people abstaining from alcohol in Dry January and Dry February, the early months of the winter have been a down period. When you consider the amount of inflation that has been ongoing throughout that period, it’s hard times.

That said, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic. With excise reform happening at a federal level and (knock on wood) at a provincial level, there are breweries opening across the province and new beers to pour.

100 Acre Brewing

Located on a (you guessed it) 100 acre farm in Peterborough, this brewery’s beers are all named after the wildlife that graces the property throughout the year. Whether that’s a monarch butterfly or a Snapping Turtle, it’s a Hinterland Whose Brew.

Dune Hopper Brewing

The newest addition to the PEC scene, Dune Hopper is located right next to Sandbanks Provincial Park just in case your time in a tent could be somewhat improved by a six pack of their Birdsong Cold IPA.

Hallett Brewing

Located in Fort Frances, just across the Rainy River from America, combines the charm of a craft beer taproom with Ontario’s north. It might be the only menu in the province that sports Bannock and Beer Cheese.

Madmash Brewing

Tavistock is home to Madmash, which is a Scottish themed brewpub that features pies, bangers and mash, and other pub grub in addition to non-traditional beer styles. Why not try their Pineapple Ginger Sour? Ginger and Scottish go hand in hand.

Miski Brewing

Do you hate gluten? Do you love grains from the Americas? Wow, did you just get lucky. Miski Brewing, features quinoa in its grist, which makes the beer a great vegan and gluten free option. Enjoy the pleasing, slightly nutty taste of the Andes.

Sassy Britches Brewing

Taking over the space that had been occupied by Mash Paddle in Brantford, Sassy Britches is not only featuring their own beer, but educational workshops about horticulture and charcuterie. Try their Sassy In The Spotlight Light Beer. Pairs with learning.

Test Batches Brewery

Referring to the diminutive size of their brewhouse, Test Batches is able to offer a wide range of styles in their Midland taproom from old school favourites like Vienna Lager to their Otherworldly Sponge Toffee Stout with Lactose.

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