News and Notes: April 5, 2024

News and notes: March 22, 2024

Welcome to the Growler, Ontario

After four years in B.C., the Growler is launching a sister publication in Ontario.

Isn’t spring wonderful? Birds chirping, trees budding, snow melting – new beer magazines launching. That’s right, Ontario, the Growler, B.C.’s ultimate craft beer guide, is setting up shop here in the land of butter tarts and winning hockey teams. We’re […]

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The Growler guide to the gods of beer

There’s something very charming about the old gods. They just seem a little more relatable, a little more human. No unattainable images of perfection to which me must aspire, but can never reach. The old gods were flawed, just as […]

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What’s your birth beer?

For thousands of years, cultures around the world have connected certain beers with birth months and zodiac signs. Bible historians, for example, have long associated the 12 beers present at the Last Supper with the various months of the year. […]

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Craft brewery tasting room dos and don’ts

All over this fine province, the craft brewery tasting room has quickly become a community hub. It’s a place where people of all ages can come together over a common love for the finer things in life. The vast majority […]

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