Ontario Beer Lover’s Gift Guide 2020

holiday beer guide gifts

A macrame beer holder, sudsy leggings, and a baby bottle shaped like a beer bottle — these are hilariously terrible gifts for craft beer lovers. See the worst of them here, but please, don’t buy them.  Instead, support Ontario artisans […]

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Garage-brewed gold

Home brewing is reaching new heights during COVID-19, so it’s the perfect time to revisit this story about one of Canada’s most active homebrewing clubs from our spring 2020 issue Homebrewing is a perennially popular hobby, albeit one that has […]

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Free beer tomorrow

Ontario beer drinkers show their love via their wallets. When they venture into the expensive end of the catalogue are they getting good value for their money? When you first get into craft beer, your enthusiasm can make you behave […]

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